traineeships in durham and gateshead

What is a Traineeship?


Employers often prefer to hire new staff who can demonstrate enthusiasm, experience and a track record of being reliable. We work with reputable employers to offer young people a high quality work experience programme.

Our Traineeship Programme for young people is a quality blend of:

  • Structured learning time – delivered by our tutors and mentors
  • A period of work experience with an employer, which gives an insight into the world of employment. This will also test the suitability, attitude and enthusiasm of the young person on the placement.

The young person gains practical work experience, which helps them build their CV, and allows them to explore different sectors and job options. Not every young person is clear about what they want to do, or what career is best for their talents.

For an employer, hiring the wrong person can be high risk to the business and also very time consuming. The Traineeship programme allows businesses to create a pool of young talent which may lead to securing a possible Apprenticeship position.

AMG Training can also deliver and support Apprenticeships with employers. We offer a full and thorough service for the employer, and support the young person along their work based learning journey.


What are the commitments for the employer?

In regards to the commitments for an employer at the end of their Traineeship, each young person must be guaranteed:

  • a job interview if a role becomes available,
  • or an exit interview and a reference from your company


What is the duration of a traineeship?

  • Traineeships will last from 5 weeks to 5 months depending on a range of factors.
  • The length depends entirely on the employer, and the young person. We discuss and come to an agreement what is the most suitable length of time for the learning to be delivered.
  • The young person will be “on site” with you for two days a week. We can agree with you the most suitable days and fit these around your business.
  • The learning days will be flexible to the individuals, covering English, Maths and work based skills. We also cover work based behaviours including team work, work practices and clear do’s and dont’s.


The Employer – Benefits to the business

  • ‘Try before you employ’ – you get to see the young person in action and can measure their mindset, effectiveness and commitment to the role.
  • Develop your talent – Seeing a young person work over the time period will see how you can develop them, you will see their focus and how productive they will be in the future and finally you will see how they react in a team environment.
  • We work with you to develop your next generation of talent.


What is in it for the young person?

  • We pay travel expenses up to £15 per week for the young person, so that they can get to and from the business.
  • We pay the young person a weekly training bursary of £50 whilst they are on the programme.
  • We also pay for PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) where required.
  • We hand pick the most suitable candidates for the Traineeship, matching them to what your business requires, and the career aspirations of the young person.
  • We focus on the needs of the young person and match them with the traineeship so that we can lead this into an apprenticeship.


Do you feel like a traineeship would be the right direction for you? Are you looking to employ new talent? Do you feel that you could help guide and develop new talent though your business?

If the answer to these questions in yes, contact AMG Training on ……………………….